Contest photo examples

There is a 3 mb size limit to uploaded photos. Images should not exceed 1920px wide by 1080px high.

Here are some examples of photographs that meet our submission specifications:

Scenic / thematic shot

Scenic / thematic shot: This shot should be evocative and best show off your painted model in context with other scenic elements. You can, and should, include dramatic lighting, miniatures, background elements and environments. This is the shot upon which the popular vote will be held.

Front of the model

Front of the model – must show entire model with as much detail as possible.

Rear of the model

Rear – must show the entire ‘other’ side of the model with as much detail as possible.

Detailed shot

Detailed shot – showing off a detailed area of the model (either interior or exterior).

Interior shot

Interior shot  – showing an example of interior painting (If the model you have painted does not have an interior then you are exempt from submitting this shot).